Policies and Procedures for the UW-Madison Language Institute
Approved March 27, 2019


The College of Letters & Science (L&S) is the managing campus division for the LI. L&S employs LI staff, supports its core operations, and provides space in an appropriate campus location. L&S is the primary college through which LI external grants are managed.

The International Division serves as a liaison to foster support and activities across the campus and with area and international studies programs of the International Institute. The International Division provides an annual contribution for LI staff and activities, which is used at the discretion of the LI Director.


The LI engages in a range of activities in support of its mission; it also serves as the administrative home for undergraduate and graduate academic programs. Those member programs have their own internal leadership and governance structures.

Proposals for new member programs are considered by the LI Administrative Council.


  1. Director. The Deans of the L&S and the International Division confer on possible candidates for the Directorship of the LI prior to any appointment, which will be made by the L&S Dean in consultation with the International Division Dean. The appointment will be confirmed in writing in a letter signed by both deans. The Director reports to the Dean of L&S, through the L&S Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities. The LI director prepares an annual report on LI activities and accomplishments.
  2. Associate Director. Reports to the Director. An academic staff member with supervisory responsibility for designated staff.
  3. Assistant Director. Reports to the Associate Director. An academic staff member with supervisory responsibility for designated staff.
  4. Administrative Council. The Administrative Council (AC) is comprised of the Director (Chair), Associate Director, Assistant Director, one representative from each member program (typically the Director or Chair), and one representative each from other campus units aligned with the mission of the Language Institute, as appropriate. The AC coordinates activities across the member programs and consider proposals for new member programs. The AC makes recommendations on budget matters, which are transmitted through the director to the L&S Dean. The AC has the power to review and make recommendations concerning the appointment, recruitment, non-retention, dismissal, promotion, appointment to indefinite status, or salary of academic and classified staff and other persons appointed within the LI. The AC may, by annual vote, delegate to the LI Director the authority to make recommendations with respect to any or all of the following matters: salaries; non-faculty personnel actions; equipment and supplies.

F.   Budget. The LI Administrative Council confers budget authority to the LI Director at the beginning of each academic year. All expenditures must be approved by majority vote of the Administrative Council.  This rule does not apply to small expenditures not exceeding $250 or to the purchase of office supplies.


The policies and procedures may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Administrative Council.