Conference presentations

Language Institute staff regularly contribute to the profession by actively participating in regional, national and international conferences and events.


Languages for All? Student Perspectives on the Value of Language Learning, Dianna Murphy and Jana Martin, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign  Languages 2020 Convention



Why University Students Do and Don’t Study Languages. An Inter-Institutional Study to Inform Responses to Declining Enrollments in LCTLs, Dianna Murphy, with Felix Kronenberg and Koen Van Gorp, Michigan State University, AILA: 2021 World Conference of Applied Linguistics



Bucky is a Polygot! Everything You Want to Know about Language Education and Outreach at UW-Madison, Kristin Dalby, Virtual WAFLT 2020




Learning from Student Writing to Develop Effective Peer Review Skills, Kristin Dalby, Virtual TESOL, July 16-18, 2020

Abstract: Peer review has proven advantages for L2 writers, but student perceptions of its usefulness vary. Training students to peer review effectively is necessary, but time-consuming. This presentation demonstrates how student writing samples can be used to effectively train students to distinguish quality academic writing and practice peer review strategies.


Co-curricular Activities and Community Building in Uncertain Times, Conversations: Co-curricular Activities and Events: Building Communities of Learners, Laura Marshall, American Council of Teachers of Russian, July 24, 2020