Associate Director (also Associate Director, Russian Flagship Program; core member, SLA PhD Program)

Dianna Murphy

Email: diannamurphy@wisc.edu


Contact about Language Institute research, lectures, workshops, or grants; the Russian Flagship Program or Doctoral Program in SLA; languages at the UW-Madison, or about any other aspect of the Language Institute's mission or activities.


Assistant Director (also Program Coordinator, SLA PhD Program)

Wendy Johnson

Email: wsjohnso@wisc.edu

Contact about Language Institute outreach programs or about the PhD Program in Second Language Acquisition.


Russian Flagship Program Coordinator

Laura Marshall

Email: laura.marshall@wisc.edu

Contact about the Russian Flagship Program.


International Directions Advisor

Kaitlin Koehler

Email: kkoehler2@wisc.edu

Contact for undergraduate pre-major and career advising for students interested in languages


Financial Specialist

Malliga Somasundaram

Email: msomasundara@wisc.edu

Contact about invoices or bills.



See the websites of the SLA PhD Program and the Russian Flagship Program for faculty, staff and students affiliated with those programs.