Less Commonly Taught Languages High School Tutoring Program

The Less Commonly Taught Languages High School Tutoring Program connects UW-Madison language students and other volunteers with high school Facilitated Language Study programs for tutoring and conversation practice in person or via Skype. In Fall 2018, Volunteer tutors are needed for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Requirements: must have knowledge of the target language equivalent to the third year of college study or above OR be a native speaker of the language.

In Fall 2018, tutoring sessions are available at the following times (tutors choose one day/week):

9:14-10:06am (T-F; Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

1:50-2:45pm (T-F; Arabic,  Japanese, Korean)

2:00-2:40pm (M-F; Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Russian)

To apply: please send a short statement of interest and a resume to Wendy Johnson, Assistant Director, Language Institute (wsjohnso@wisc.edu). The statement should include a brief explanation of qualifications and availability in reference to tutoring times. All volunteers must have an interview with Ms. Johnson and undergo a criminal background check.

Wisconsin high schools that are currently participating in this program are Plymouth High School in Plymouth, and East High School in Madison.