Language Institute 2018-19 Grant Recipients

Summer ACTFL OPI and WPT Workshops

  • Giosue Alagna, Spanish and Portuguese (WPT; Spanish, Italian)
  • Muhammad Asif, Asian Languages and Cultures (OPI; Urdu)
  • Denise Castillo, Spanish and Portuguese (OPI; Spanish)
  • Chen Chen, German, Nordic, and Slavic (OPI; German)
  • Julie Dahl, Division of Continuing Studies (OPI; Spanish)
  • Hong Dinh, Asian Languages and Cultures (OPI; Vietnamese)
  • Nalan Erbil-Erkan, German, Nordic, and Slavic (OPI; Turkish)
  • Matthew Griffin, Spanish and Portuguese (OPI; Spanish)
  • Jared Hendrickson, Spanish and Portuguese (OPI; Portuguese)
  • Brandon Killby, Asian Languages and Cultures (OPI; Japanese)
  • Carlos Andrés Rojas, Spanish and Portuguese (OPI; Spanish)
  • Kazeem Sanuth, Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition (OPI; Yoruba)
  • Nikhil Tiwari, Asian Languages and Cultures (OPI; Hindi)
  • Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor, German, Nordic, and Slavic (OPI; Dutch)
  • Weihua Zhu, Asian Languages and Cultures (OPI; Chinese)

Academic Staff Professional Development Grants

  • Muhammad Asif, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, 2019 UPenn-SALTA Conference (Urdu)
  • Takako Nakakubo, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, 2018 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conference (Japanese)
  • Vanessa Schmitz-Siebertz, Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 2019 Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers Conference (Latin)
  • Nete Schmidt, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic, 2019 BogForum, Copenhagen (Danish)

Big 10 Academic Alliance LCTL Partnership Workshops (at MSU)

  • Erlin Barnard, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures (Indonesian)
  • Trang Tran, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures (Vietnamese)
  • Janpanit Surasin, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures (Thai)