Expanding Language-Related Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the Humanities and Social Sciences at UW-Madison

Friday, April 26

The objective of the panel discussion was to promote and encourage research collaboration in the Humanities and Social Sciences between UW-Madison undergraduate students and UW-Madison faculty and advanced graduate students.

The panelists included Dr. Rania Huntington, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures; Dr. Rajiv Rao, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and Yixian Gan, Undergraduate Research Scholar. Having first-hand experience with the program, the panelists described the roles and commitment expectations of mentors and mentees. Faculty panelists shared how the program advanced their research agenda, shaped their perspective as teachers, and overall benefitted their professional career. Yixian used the undergraduate student lens to describe the positive impact the research program has had on his UW-Madison student experience.

The panel discussion event was sponsored by the Language Institute and the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program.