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Landscapes, Soundscapes: Exploring the Target Culture through Music and Technology

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
206 Van Hise Hall
Speaker and Affiliation: 
Melissa Sheedy, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic

Music is one of the most effective means by which foreign language students can approach the target language and culture. In addition to helping them access underlying cultural perspectives, working with songs and sounds in class can target specific grammar points in context, support vocabulary building and pronunciation practice, and help students develop their ear. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss methods for incorporating music effectively into the foreign language classroom, and we will look at the role that technology plays. Participants will consider the thoughtful use of music and technology as access points to engaging with language and culture, and they will come away with concrete ideas for activities and lessons.

About the presenter: Melissa Sheedy is a Ph.D. candidate and Teaching Assistant in the Department of German, Nordic and Slavic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a Teaching Fellow with the College of Letters and Sciences and last fall she held a position as mentor to new TAs in the German program. Previous pedagogical workshops have addressed topics such as authentic materials, the communicative approach to language teaching, methods for teaching pronunciation, and the interactive classroom. Her research interests include Post-GDR literature and Romantic and 19th-century influences and transformations in post-Wall German fiction, which she explores in her dissertation project “Romanticism Reloaded: Romantic Trajectories in Contemporary German Literature.”