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Conventional expressions in L2 pragmatics

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
254 Van Hise Hall
Speaker and Affiliation: 
Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Indiana University

In this talk I will discuss the role of conventional expressions in second language pragmatics. Conventional expressions, such as Nice to meet you, Sorry I’m late, and Thanks for your help, are one type of pragmalinguistic resource available to speakers (both learners and native speakers). They are used in situations when speakers of a community agree on the speech act that is performed in a particular context, further aligning on the semantic formula and content, thus finally aligning on a single dominant expression used by a speech community. I will discuss what it means to know a conventional expression, and the type of pragmatic knowledge involved in using them. I will also discuss how conventional expressions can be identified for research, and ways of investigating recognition, meaning, and use of the expressions. 

About the presenter: Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig is Professor of Second Language Studies and Coordinator of the ESL Program at Indiana Universi

Second Language Acquisition, with funding from the Anonymous Fund