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Roundtable Discussion on Issues in Language Course Placement

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
1418 Van Hise Hall

Roundtable Discussion on Foreign Language Course Placement

How do UW-Madison foreign language (L2) programs determine course placement for those students with prior experience in a language? What kinds of assessment instruments are used? How were those assessments developed and how are they maintained and improved? How is their success monitored over time?

This roundtable discussion, featuring representatives from UW-Madison L2 programs and Testing & Evaluation Services, is intended to provide a forum for sharing practices and ideas, and successes and challenges, in L2 course placement.  The discussion will be moderated by Diana Frantzen, Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Invited discussants include:  

Heather Willis Allen (French), Department of French & Italian
Monika Chavez and Jeanne Schueller (German), Department of German
Dustin Cowell (Arabic), Department of African Languages & Literature
Diana Frantzen and Stasie Harrington (Spanish), Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Naomi Geyer (Japanese), Department of East Asian Languages & Literature
Weihua Zhu (Chinese), Department of East Asian Languages & Literature
Anna Tumarkin (Russian), Department of Slavic Languages & Literature
Jim Wollack and Sonya Sedivy, Testing & Evaluation Services

All are welcome to come and to participate in the discussion.

Sponsored by the Language Institute

Wendy Johnson (wsjohnso@wisc.edu)
Language Institute