The Perspectives of UW-Madison Graduating Seniors on the Outcomes of Foreign Language Majors

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 4:00pm
1418 Van Hise Hall
Speaker and Affiliation: 
Dianna Murphy, Language Institute

How do undergraduate students majoring in a foreign language (L2) describe- right before they graduate - what they learned in their L2 major? What do they say they wish they had learned, but didn't? How highly do those graduating seniors value different student learning outcomes (SLOs) for L2 majors set by departments? Are some types of SLOs for L2 majors valued more highly by graduating students than others? 

This talk will present preliminary findings related to these and other questions, drawing on data from a Language Institute study on student perspectives of the learning outcomes of L2 majors. 

Participants in the study (N=135) were UW-Madison graduating seniors in 2014-15 with an undergraduate major in African Languages and Literature, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Languages and Cultures of Asia, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Scandinavian Studies, or Spanish. 

The presentation will be informal, to encourage questions and discussion. The full responses from students in each individual L2 major will be shared directly with the department in which the major is housed. 

Dianna Murphy
Language Institute