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Crafting Conference Abstracts: A Workshop for SLA Students

2:00 pm, Friday, April 17, 2015
1322 Van Hise Hall
Speaker and Affiliation: 

Dianna Murphy, Language Institute; Catherine Stafford, Spanish and Portuguese; Richard Young, English

In this workshop, faculty and academic staff with the SLA PhD Program will discuss strategies for writing successful abstracts to conferences such as AAAL, AATSEEL, ACTFL, AILA,SLA Graduate Student Symposium, SLRF, and the Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language. The presenters will share advice for preparing abstracts for specific conferences, as well as tips for preparing abstracts for academic conferences in SLA and related fields more generally. They will also share examples of abstracts that they have submitted to recent or upcoming conferences.


Dianna Murphy, 608-262-1473


Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition, and Language Institute.