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2014-15 Language Institute Professional Development Seminar: Technologies for Language Teaching and Learning

12:00 pm, Monday, September 29, 2014 to 1:00 pm, Monday, April 27, 2015
1418 Van Hise Hall, 1220 Linden Drive
Speaker and Affiliation: 

Dianna Murphy, Rob Howell, Language Institute; Theresa Pesavento, L&S Learning Support Services


This yearlong, small-group professional development seminar for UW-Madison language instructors focuses on the broad topic of technology, language teaching, and language learning. Topics for bi-weekly sessions include:

  • second language acquisition (SLA) and computer-assisted language learning (CALL)
  • online or other technology-enhanced learning materials
  • telecollboration
  • computer-mediated communication
  • blended and distance learning for languages
  • course sharing
  • social networking and second language learning
  • MOOCs for languages
  • virtual worlds
  • other topics of interest to participants

The format of the workshop is a study group, with assigned readings, guest facilitators and speakers, and discussions of public lectures, workshops and brownbags sponsored by the Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) for its 2014-15 series, Technology-Mediated Language Teaching and Learning: Research and Practice.

Required book

Blake, R. (2013.) Brave New Digital Classroom: Technology and Foreign Language Learning, 2nd edition. Georgetown University Press.

Other assigned readings are in the Learn@UW course for the seminar.

2014-15 participants and languages

Adeola Agoke, Yoruba 
Jambul Akkaziev, ESL and Russian 
Bicho Azevedo, Spanish 
Saule Batayeva, Kazakh 
Carla Cornette, Italian 
Nalan Erbil Erkan, Turkish 
Dion Grosse, Spanish 
Emily Heidrich, German 
Akiko Imamura Dabney, Japanese 
Choua Lee, Hmong 
Lu Lu, Chinese 
Nelly Martin, Indonesian 
Fatemeh Mirsharifi, Persian 
Jennifer Morgan, French 
Kazeem Kehinde Sanuth, Yoruba 
Kelsey White, German 
Bei Yang, Chinese 
Caitlin Yocco, French 
Snezhana Zheltoukhova, Russian


Dianna Murphy, 608-262-1473


Language Institute, Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition, and L&S Learning Support Services.