Defining and Promoting Intercultural Learning in University-Level World Languages Education

A Workshop for Language Educators

Erin Kearney, Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction
State University of New York at Buffalo

1:00-3:30pm, Friday, October 11, 2019
1418 Van Hise Hall

Abstract: Intercultural learning is often identified as a central goal of world languages education; specific program-level and classroom-level practices for fostering intercultural learning, however, are less commonly illuminated in research and professional organizations’ guiding documents.

This workshop offers a set of research-generated, curricular and pedagogical practices that are at the core of promoting intercultural learning in university-level world languages education.  It first engages participants in building common understandings of what intercultural learning entails, then anchors the set of core practices in real-world examples the group can analyze and finally provides concrete tools and ample space for planning for future practice.

About the workshop facilitator:
Erin Kearney’s research focuses on the state of world languages education in the United States and on teaching and learning processes and outcomes. She is interested in how intercultural competence develops alongside linguistic proficiency in the classroom setting.


Sponsors: Language Institute, with support from the Anonymous Fund