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From Wisconsin to Korea!

The STARTALK Korean Language and Culture Academy's summer 2017 theme is “From Wisconsin to Korea,” an idea that will connect participants (with their particular family background and cultural context) to a language and culture seemingly far away, Korean. Thematic units will allow participants to make comparisons between their lives and that of peers in Korea; American and Korean traditional, popular and everyday culture; and English and Korean languages: Let’s Get Acquainted, Daily Schedules, In Restaurants and Around Town, Traditions Here and There.  

A Typical Day’s Schedule

The Korean Language & Culture Academy will take place 9:00am-1:45pm, Monday-Friday, June 26-July 28 (excluding July 3-4).

9:00-11:00 am

Interactive language and culture activities: Learn to order food in a Korean restaurant, share your hobbies and daily schedule, or create a travel brochure for your hometown or a town in Korea. Our communicative activities will focus on real-life situations!


Lunch: participants will have the choice to bring lunch from home or to buy their lunch on campus. During lunch, participants will have the chance to chat with UW students studying Korean to practice their language and hear about their experiences as college students.   


Culture workshops and special projects: Afternoons will be devoted to in-depth cultural exploration and creative work to synthesize learning... all while communicating in Korean!

  • Special guests will conduct workshops on Korean cuisine, martial arts, dance, and popular culture.
  • We’ll connect with Korean peers via videoconference to find out first-hand about teen life in Korea.
  • Video projects will allow participants the chance to creatively display what they’ve learned.


Field Trip

We’ll take a trip to Korea Town in Chicago to take in a bit of Korean-American life and put our Korean into practice by ordering in a restaurant and interacting in shops with Korean-speaking staff!