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Language Institute Grant to Enhance Language Learning at UW-Madison

The 2016-17 application deadline for this grant has passed. It may be possible to submit a late proposal, however. Please contact Dianna Murphy if you have a project that you would like to propose!


About the Program

The Language Institute welcomes applications for small grants to support activities to enhance language learning at the UW-Madison. We anticipate being able to make a limited number of awards in the range of $500-$1,000. 


Funding priorities: Special consideration will be given to projects that address the following priorities. Proposals for other projects to enhance language learning at UW-Madison are also welcome!

  • Priority 1: Projects that develop new ways for students enrolled in UW-Madison language courses to use the target language outside of the classroom. Projects could include service-learning activities, in-person or virtual language exchanges, teletandem projects, new online learning activities, etc. 
  • Priority 2: Projects to develop learning materials for use in UW-Madison language courses that help to prepare students for overseas study in specific locations. Projects could include materials to introduce students to a specific city or region where a UW-Madison overseas program is located, or that link students with peers in the host community, etc.



Funded activities must take place in the 2016-17 academic year or the Summer 2017. Grant funds may not be carried over into the next academic year.



UW-Madison faculty or academic staff who teach language courses or coordinate language programs.


Supported activities and allowable expenses

This grant could be used to:

  • Hire student hourly employees to help with your project
  • Purchase supplies or services that you need to carry out your project
  • Pay for room rentals, AV or catering at an event 


The grant may not be used for travel, or for faculty or academic staff summer or other salary.


All proposed expenses must follow university policies and guidelines for purchasing, payroll, etc. Individuals applying for the grant are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to meet with Language Institute financial specialist Malliga Somasundaram, msomasundara@wisc.edu, for a review of their proposed budget before submitting it with an application.


Application deadline: 5:00 pm, Saturday, September 30, 2016


Evaluation criteria

Applications will be reviewed by a committee as soon as possible after the application deadline. The committee will consider the following in reviewing applications and making decisions on awards:

  • Potential to positively impact language learning at UW-Madison
  • Quality and feasibility of the proposal
  • Fit with funding priorities


2015-16 Awards

  • Stasie Harrington (Spanish): Online activities for new blended course that incorporates video clips of native speakers from different Spanish-speaking countries
  • Jeanne Schueller (German): Annotated and didacticized clips from contemporary German films to accompany a new second-year German textbook
  • Bei Yang (Chinese); Small-scale service learning projects in Chinese by teams of third-year students of Chinese and students from China enrolled in English as a Second Language courses



Questions about this new Language Institute grant? Contact Dianna Murphy: diannamurphy@wisc.edu, 262-1473.
Questions about your budget? Contact Malliga Somasundaram, msomasundara@wisc.edu, 262-4077.

Funding for this program is from The International Division and the Language Institute.