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Annual Orientation Workshop for New Language Instructors

The Language Institute welcomes all new language instructors in Van Hise departments to participate in the Fall 2018 orientation workshop for new language instructors.

The workshop is an inter-departmental, pre-service workshop that takes place the week before classes start (Welcome Week) each Fall. The workshop is focused primarily on practical techniques for planning and teaching language lessons. It is comprised of a 1.5-hour large-group session that includes a demonstration language lesson followed by “micro-teaching” (short lessons taught by workshop participants) in small, mixed-language groups facilitated by faculty and experienced TAs from sponsoring departments.


1:30-3:00 pm, location TBA
All-group session: Welcome/workshop overview. Lesson demonstration and guided discussion. Instructions for micro-teaching. Microteaching lesson planning in small groups.


9:00-11:00 am, locations, TBA
Micro-teaching  in mixed-language groups


Katrina Thompson, Department of African Cultural Studies, Fall 2018 workshop chair

Wendy Johnson, Language Institute, coordinator