Big 10 LCTL Partnership Workshop

Workshop for LCTL Instructors
December 13-14, 2019
Michigan State University
Wells Hall, East Lansing, MI

As part of the Mellon Foundation-funded Big 10 Academic Alliance (BTAA) Less Commonly Taught Languages Partnership at Michigan State University, the MSU Center for Language Teaching Advancement is hosting a workshop for BTAA LCTL instructors on December 13-14 in East Lansing, Michigan.

The hands-on workshop will guide participants through the systematic process of designing useful task- and scenario-based assessments for their classroom. At the end of the workshop, participants will have their own set of assessments tasks to be used in their classrooms.

Participants will learn:

  • Essential principals that inform the design, content and implementation of task-based and scenario-based assessments for the LCTL classroom
  • How to use the ACTFL proficiency guidelines for the development of formative and summative task-based and scenario-based assessments
  • How to design useful assessments for their own LCTL classroom going through an assessment production cycle

The participants will become familiar with the use of ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for assessment purposes, task-based and scenario-based assessment design, finding authentic source materials and producing items/tasks for different proficiency-levels, judging the level of assessment tasks, creating rubrics for assessment tasks, and giving feedback on student performance. Additionally, participants will evaluate their existing assessments, and explore how to approach assessing grammar from a task-based, proficiency-based perspective.

Who can participate

Two UW-Madison LCTL instructors will be selected to participate in this workshop. Instructors who participated in previous LCTL Partnership workshops at MSU are welcome to apply: the focus of the December 2019 workshop is different than in past workshops.

To apply 

The application deadline has passed

By 12:00 pm, Monday, October 21, UW-Madison LCTL instructors who are interested in this opportunity should send the following to Language Institute Associate Director Jana Martin,

  • Short curriculum vitae
  • *Short* letter of interest that describes why you are interested in this opportunity and how it might benefit your teaching, and confirms your intent to participate in the workshop, if selected.

A committee will review applications asap after the application deadline.


The cost of participating in this workshop is limited to travel, local lodging, and meals not provided at the workshop. (There is no registration fee. A light breakfast and lunch will be served both days.)

For each the two UW-Madison LCTL instructors who are selected to participate in the workshop, the MSU LCTL Partnership will cover either the cost of lodging (in the local hotel being used for the workshop), or up to $300 in travel expenses. The Language Institute will match that support by an additional $300 each in allowable travel expenses.