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Doing Good at Home and Abroad: Languages & Social Justice

Thank you to all who attended this event, and to our panelists.

This program is a part of the Language for Life series of the Language Institute, which gives current students the opportunity to meet with alumni who studied a foreign language and are using that language in their professional or personal lives in inspiring ways. See past Language for Life Programs.

This event is free and open to the public.

Sponsored by the Language Institute, with funding from the College of Letters and Science Anonymous Fund. For more information: Michael Kruse, (608) 262-4077.

Featured speakers: Amy McGann, Eugenia Podesta, Adam Taylor

Amy Amy McGann is the Regional Advisor on Trafficking & Human Rights in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. She has also worked in the Bureau of International Organization's Office of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs and at Embassy Bangkok. During law school she studied Hindi. Amy has an M.A. from UCLA and J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Eugenia Eugenia Podesta is the Director of the Latin American and Caribbean program at Vital Voices Global Partnership. She has extensive international experience and a demonstrated commitment to public service. Prior to joining Vital Voices, Eugenia worked in tourism development in Latin America advising on sustainable tourism projects. Previously, she provided legal assistance to incarcerated persons in Wisconsin and also managed public policy and literacy programs for the Hispanic/Latino community with the United Way. Her background in education stems from her experience as an instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Edgewood College. Eugenia attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned a BA in Spanish and Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies, an MA in Latin American Studies (focus on sustainable development) and a Juris Doctorate. She has also studied International Law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima.

Adam Adam Taylor is the Program Director for the Global to Local Initiative, which aims to decrease health disparities in South King County, WA through the application of strategies that have proven successful overseas. Adam previously worked as a Project Manager for the Grameen Technology Center on the Ugandan-based Community Knowledge Worker project, which leverages the power of mobile phones to help small-holder farmers to access important information like market prices. From 2005-2007, Adam served as Program Manager for Catholic Relief Services in Madagascar where he collaborated with local staff to develop new initiatives in the areas of health and sanitation, agriculture, disaster preparedness and response, social safety net, and human trafficking. He has a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington, Evans School of Public Affairs and a BA in Political Science and French from UW-Madison.

Please note: Adam participated remotely.

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Lecture: "Until I Became a Professional, I Was Not Consciously Indigenous": One Intercultural Bilingual Educator's Trajectory in Indigenous Language Revitalization
Nancy Hornberger, University of Pennsylvania
4:00 pm, Thursday, October 23
254 Van Hise Hall

The first invited lecture in the Language Institute's 2014-15 series, Language Matters: Language, Power, Equity and Justice. Learn more >

Lecture: Ikema Ryukyuan: Investigating Past Experience and the Current State through Life Narratives
Shoichi Iwasaki, University of Hawaii at Manoa
4:00 pm, Monday, November 3
254 Van Hise Hall

A lecture on Ikema, an endangered language variety spoken on Miyako and its surrounding islands in Okinawa. Learn more >

Brownbag Presentation: Flipping and Blending: A Recipe for Language Teaching
Shannon Spasova, Michigan State University
12:00-1:00 pm, Thursday, November 6
254 Van Hise Hall

A brownbag presentation on creating a blended foreign language course. Learn more >

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SLA-Sponsored Brownbag Series on Technology-Mediated Language Teaching and Learning

Telecollaboration: Connecting UW-Madison Students with Language Speakers in the U.S. and Abroad
Panelists: Anna Tumarkin, Slavic Languages and Literature; BJ Lim, East Asian Languages and Literature
12:00-1:00 pm, Wednesday, October 15, 1418 Van Hise Hall

Blended Learning: Developing and Delivering Blended Language, Literature and Culture Courses
Panelists: Julie Allen, Scandinavian Studies; Matt Brown, African Languages and Literature
12:00-1:00 pm, Tuesday, October 28
1418 Van Hise Hall

Course Sharing: Offering UW-Madison Language Courses to Students at Other Universities via Videoconferencing
Panelists: Erlin Barnard, Jampa Khedup, Dian Mawene, Fatemeh Mirsharifi, Languages and Cultures of Asia; Ewa Miernowska, Slavic Languages and Literature
12:00-1:00 pm, Tuesday, November 11
1418 Van Hise Hall

Critical Reader: A Tool for Creating Online Reading Comprehension Assignments in a Blended or Online Environment
Panelists: Jan Miernowski, French and Italian; Blaire Bundy, DoIT; Steel Wagstaff, L&S Learning Support Services
12:00-1:00 pm, Thursday, December 4
1418 Van Hise Hall

For more information about this series >







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